Brand Strategy Upgrade Announcement

Dear partners, users and friends:

Since its inception, HeWei Creative Sky has been insisting on continuous innovation around customer needs, leading the company's development with technical advantages, and continuously providing better quality products and more professional services to global customers.

With the further enhancement of operational capabilities, in order to better serve global customers, smoothly promote the international development strategy, improve the international brand influence and recognition, and enhance the overall corporate development image, we will fully launch the brand upgrade plan in March 2022.

Launch of the “赫伟创意星空” Chinese brand, "Hewei Creative Sky Technology" English brand and new brand logo, and the launch of the new Chinese brand website at the same time: http:// and the English brand website


The Chinese and English brand and LOGO launched in this brand strategy upgrade are to further standardize the use of the brand and bring you a simple and humanized identification and browsing experience.

We hope that with the help of new brand name and new logo, the science and technology attributes will be clearly displayed, and we hope that through a highly recognizable and meaningful visual image to take root in the market and deep into the hearts of the people.

During this brand upgrade period, we will launch the company's brand identification system, further manage and standardize the use of the brand, and gradually update the brand identification of our company's various materials. 

Therefore, during the brand upgrade period, the new and old logos may appear at the same time. The new and old logos have the same effect. Please understand the inconvenience caused to you.

This upgrade only involves the brand logo and does not involve the change of the operating entity. The original contract will continue to be valid, and the original business relationship and service commitment will remain unchanged, which will not have any impact on the services and products of our company you are using.

Thank you for your support and love for the Hewei Creative Sky Technology. 

We will continue to work hard, as always to provide you with professional, rigorous quality service!

Inner Mongolia Hewei Creative Sky Technology Co., Ltd.