Cloud Computing
Help To Cloud.

Build the foundation of cloud computing environment, help enterprises build high-performance and high-efficiency infrastructure, and take the first step of cloud transformation

Digital Innovation.

With virtualization, companies can gain the flexibility and choice needed to build the future without trade-offs and compromises

Application modernization

Modernize application development to accelerate digital innovation

Cloud environment

Build, run, and manage all applications in any cloud environment


Connect and protect applications and data, whether on any infrastructure


Leverage infrastructure to protect applications and data from endpoint to cloud

Digital workspace

Provide a secure consumer user experience on any device

Business stability

Reduce the risk of business interruption due to physical node and virtual machine failures

Architecture design

A team of professional IT consultants, to provide IT strategic planning, information system design planning, business platform building, business process planning, cloud computing architecture, server virtualization, Network virtualization, storage virtualization, hyperfusion architecture, professional training and other services.

System integration

Industry customers, provide cloud computing, big data, Internet of things full business solutions. Provide application software development and integration, IT infrastructure construction, Smart Building, data center, network construction, information security system construction, data analysis and other integrated services.

Maintenance services

Focus on key industries, key applications, in-depth study of industry information needs, to provide customers with industry information as a whole solution, service specialization, standardization, has accumulated the rich successful experience in the key profession application aspect.

Industry Solutions

Provide full-service platform construction, focus on core technologies such as network information security, data center, and business support, keep up with the development trend of Industry 4.0, and provide comprehensive information solutions for intelligent manufacturing.

VMware Scheme structure

  • Server virtualization, with which enterprises can run multiple operating systems as efficient virtual machines on a single physical server.

  • Network virtualization, by fully replicating the physical network, network virtualization enables applications to run on a virtual network as if they were running on a physical network, with the greater operational benefits that virtualization brings along with all the hardware independence.

  • Desktop virtualization, deploying desktops as a managed service enables IT organizations to respond more quickly to changing workplace demands and emerging opportunities. Virtualized desktops and applications can also be quickly and easily delivered to branch, outsourced and offshore employees.

  • Virtualization and cloud computing, although virtualization and cloud computing technologies are equally popular, they are not interchangeable. Virtualization is software that makes a computing environment independent of the physical infrastructure, while cloud computing is a service that delivers shared computing resources (software and/or data) on-demand over the Internet. As a complementary solution, businesses can start by virtualizing their servers and then move to cloud computing for greater agility and self-service.

HUAWEI Scheme structure

  • Composed of VRM (Virtual Resource Management) and CNA (Computing Node Agent), it realizes virtualization of servers, storage and networks, forms an elastic resource pool, and realizes automatic resource scheduling and management.

  • The virtualization management component package is deployed on the VRM node to provide unified management of multiple resource sites in different regions, and realize the resource domain management capability through the virtual data center (VDC).

  • It provides comprehensive backup capabilities from virtual machines to disk arrays, and implements backup of specified objects according to specified policies, ensuring that critical business data is not lost.

  • Based on storage remote replication and storage active-active, it supports active-standby disaster recovery, metro active-active disaster recovery, two-site three-center disaster recovery and other scenarios to ensure business continuity in extreme situations.


VirtualizationTechnical Advantage

Virtualization is the process of creating a software-based (or virtual, rather than physical) representation of some components. Virtualization, which can be applied to applications, servers, storage and networking, is one of the most effective ways to reduce IT overhead while increasing efficiency and agility for businesses of all sizes.

  • Server consolidation

    With server virtualization, you can maximize server resources and reduce the number of servers required. This ultimately enables server consolidation, which increases efficiency and reduces costs.

  • Virtualization management

    Provides a unified view of the virtualized environment and extends across the entire software-defined data center. Controllable automation, safe and automatic execution of various management tasks, intelligent operation and maintenance, and predictive analysis functions will respond to specific environments.

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