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SEO Optimization FAQ

If you want to quickly improve your website ranking, then the risk of your website being downgraded is naturally high. No matter what website does SEO ranking, the optimization cycle has a step-by-step process. If your website optimization operation is too obvious, it is easy to be warned by search engines. Of course, we do not rule out that a few websites can still obtain good rankings without seeing the SEO optimization operation, mainly due to the relationship between the quality of the website itself and the trust of users, the popularity of SEO keywords, and the optimization strength of peer websites. The foundation of SEO optimization is excellent, and it is not a problem to get Baidu's homepage ranking within 7-15 days. But the key point is that under normal circumstances, we should do a good job of optimizing website keyword ranking step by step, and sticking to the regular white hat SEO optimization method is the way to survive.

Although SEO optimization is the same, the details of SEO optimization in different channels are still different. Therefore, we recommend Baidu SEO, Sogou SEO, Google SEO, and 360 SEO at the same time. The crawler finds the website and wins the user's trust.

We can compare all website users to a piece of cake. For regular websites, 80% of the cake comes from search engine optimization such as Baidu, Sogou, and Google. If you want to increase the number of website users, the better way is to get search results. The ranking of the engine has won the favor of users. Just because a search engine is a tool for discovery, it also proves that many website visitors discover your website through search engines. As more and more visitors discover your website from search engines, you will find that more traffic channels (we-media platforms, WeChat social media, KOLs, etc.) are also increasing. All in all, firmly grasping the search engine drainage cake is a good way for you to get free traffic.

The return on investment of search engine SEO optimization is evaluated according to industry differences. When some customers search for your website, it means that your website SEO investment has a corresponding return. For example: keyword optimization, about 100+ people search for "keyword optimization" accurately every day. About 100 people click to enter your website through the number of Baidu search engine visits. Assuming that there is a 50% click-through rate and a 10% conversion rate, keyword optimization will bring you 5 new effective customers every day.

The website keyword optimization quotation is related to industry differences and keyword competition. Generally speaking, the level of industry competition depends on the hotness of the industry, and the popularity of keywords depends on the proportion of the homepage of the website in the search engine results. It can be seen that the keyword optimization price is evaluated through a fair and impartial comprehensive factor.

If the site does not have any optimization basis, it is recommended not to select popular keywords to do optimization ranking, try to choose the optimization keyword is the style of long-tail word combination, compared with pan-keyword optimization will be easier, continuous optimization after ranking improvement.
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