A car company desktop virtualization project

A car company desktop virtualization project

Project background:

The customer is a high-tech enterprise serving the field of autonomous driving and smart transportation, and has configured a customer-oriented big data center and engineering center; it has established R&D, business and engineering centers in foreign countries and other provinces. At present, it has established in-depth cooperative relations with many domestic auto companies with core technologies of autonomous driving, aiming to realize the safe landing of autonomous driving. Due to the continuous development of the company's business, more and more designers move to work. If the new R&D center is deployed in the traditional way, the management and control will become particularly complicated. Therefore, it is hoped to adopt a new infrastructure, which can ensure the resources of the business server. It can also improve the stability, reliability and data security of the system. At the same time, it is necessary to add GPU desktop virtualization for designers to meet the needs of different system designers for reasoning training, video transcoding, and image processing.

Project Challenge:

1. Rapidly growing business demands, IT equipment surges, costs rise, and management complexity increases day by day; 

2. With the increase in mobile office, there is a risk of leakage of designer drawings and R&D data; 

3. The graphics performance expansion of mobile office equipment is limited and cannot be satisfied Graphics rendering and scientific computing needs.


Design method

Mobile Office Security Access Mode

1. In terms of business applications, VMware can help users quickly deploy the overall application server from system to application software configuration. In addition, through VMware's HA, FT, vMotion and other functions to ensure the reliability, stability and availability of the managed business system. 

2. In terms of data security, NVIDIA GPU and VMware Horizon technology are used to centralize all graphics virtual machines in the background data center, combined with security control and data backup, to ensure data security. 

3. In terms of architecture management, VMware vRops provides users with a more comprehensive view of all layers of the infrastructure. It collects and analyzes performance data, correlates anomalies, and identifies the root cause of performance problems. It provides capacity management to optimize resource usage, policy-based configuration management to ensure compliance and eliminate volume spikes and configuration drift.

Project outcome:

1. Significantly reduce TCO: Consolidate, control and reduce the number of physical servers through graphical desktops, improve the resource utilization of each physical server and its CPU, and reduce operation and maintenance costs, including data center space, cabinets, network cables, Power consumption, air-conditioning and labor costs, etc. 

2. Improve operational efficiency: In the past, hardware maintenance required several days/weeks for change management preparation and 1-3 hour maintenance windows. Now hardware maintenance and upgrades can be performed quickly, and it only takes 15-30 minutes to deploy multiple applications. It can also proactively plan resource growth in advance and quickly respond to new demands, so that customer hosting systems can be launched quickly. 

3. Data security: In a standardized management scenario, the data does not fall to the ground, and the screen is taken to prevent it, so as to ensure the security of the drawing design and R&D data, so as to perfectly solve the concerns caused by this problem. 

4. Professional graphics expansion: Using GPU virtualization technology, GPU resources can be flexibly allocated according to the actual needs of office and R&D personnel to meet the needs of professional graphics desktops, while ensuring maximum utilization of resources used. 

5. Realize visual management: Through the vRops for Horizon View management tool, you can effectively monitor the operation of the existing graphic desktop business, understand the resource utilization status of the existing architecture, and prevent problems before they occur.

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