Graphic Designer

  • Design
  • Online
  • 1-3 Years
  • 2022-02-17 Update
Job Type
Job Responsibilities

1、Fully participate in the project design process, independently complete the brand design work, main vision and extension, including not limited to VI, IP, derivatives, etc;

2、Participate in creative planning of departmental content, including but not limited to posters, graphics, H5, etc., lead and complete relevant creative designs, and be responsible for the quality of all visual outputs;

3、Clearly understand project design requirements, participate in early creative planning, accurately grasp content characteristics, and formulate high-level design plans;

4、Have a sense of innovation, constantly explore new ways of design, and help promote the landing of innovative projects;

5、Output the design specification, Push the specification to implement in the whole team, finish the design proposal document, and make a speech to the customer's proposal, understand the customer's real demand, accurately grasp the design direction and control the quality of the product; 

6、Have in-depth understanding of the project, to participate in the effective deployment of personnel to maximize work efficiency;

Job Requirements

1、Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, In design and other professional software;

2、Familiar with logo design, VI basics and application design and other related work;

3、Keen and active thinking, with good aesthetic literacy, innovation ability, visual expression ability;

4、Strong enterprising spirit and sense of responsibility;

Working Years
1-3 Years
Salary Range
Number Of Recruits
Several People
Work Location
Interview City